Day 19th after 2nd Chemotherapy

It’s test time again. Then tomorrow have to visit the onco for a consult and day after tomorrow is the 3rd Chemo treatment. Time seems to be flying and for once I am not complaining.

Got up when the lab tech came over to take in mom’s blood. Good looking bloke and mom agreed readily. 😀 Moving on – ahem, well, the day was all right. I stepped out to go to Crawford market. According to Feng Shui there are a couple of things I need to add to the home environment. Some new crystals, bamboo shoots, something blue to hang and a metal bell. So Anand, Anil, Parikshat and Anil’s friend accompanied me on a trip to town where we spent the evening scourging the streets in search of crystal, socks, vases, zip lock bags, etc. Came back home by 10pm replete with everything on the list. After ages stepped onto Churchgate station and got squashed in peak hour train traffic.

Mom loved all the new stuff and I especially love a pink crystal lotus that I picked up for my room’s north-east corner. 🙂 Asked after mom’s test results and everything was good. There just has been a slight dip in the platelet count. It is a trifle disconcerting but we shall wait and see what the doc says tomorrow.

Here is the CBC report:

cbc1 27-12-12 cbc2 27-12-12

Here is the RFT (Renal Function Test) result:

RFT 27-12-12


2 thoughts on “Day 19th after 2nd Chemotherapy

    • Hello, Tracy. Firstly, thanks for appreciating my blog. 🙂 Secondly, thanks for liking it enough to nominate it – even that is reward enough. I am trying to put out as much information as I can about this journey in life – so that others like me, in my city, and country, can know what to expect in a very small, personal way.

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